6 Winter Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value

Are you planning to move in the spring?  Now is the time to get your house ready.


You spend most of the winter inside your home so it will brighten your mood and your walls to apply a fresh coat of paint.  An average gallon of paint is only $25 and the right paint color can make a room feel larger.  Need help choosing a color?  Visit your local home improvement store to get sample or try Pinterest to find inspiration.  Once you paint the walls the next step will be to update the trim.  You can paint it a contrasting color to stand out or a few shades different from the wall color for a more subtle look.


The biggest return on your investment can be changing the front door averaging out to 98% ROI.  The color can add to the curb appeal while the features (deadbolt lock, wifi lock, peep hole, fire retardant) can add to its value.  It may also be time to change the interior doors.  A simple coat of paint could freshen them up or you may want to change the style if they are outdated.  Another door you shouldn’t forget is the garage door.  It can add value in terms of temperature control as well as curb appeal.


Wether its lighting, door handles, bathroom facets, or cabinet hardware all of your homes’ fixtures can become out-dated.  It can become costly if you try to replace everything at once but you can do one room or type of fixture at a time.  Adding new light fixtures or door handles has an ROI of 60-75%.  It can add great value to your home’s look and style if update many of these small items.


Home technology is taking off and the new thermostats are super savvy.  Wifi enabled thermostats allow the homeowner to adjust the temperature from their smart phone or from the internet. It also allows you to set a schedule for when to heat or cool your home.  Starting at $150, this upgrade can be another selling point for your home and save you energy costs in the meantime.


Kitchens and bathrooms are areas where value can be added to your home but do require a little more effort.  Choose a backsplash that matches your cabinet and countertops but doesn’t get lost in the mix.  You don’t have to stop at the kitchen either.  The backsplash in the bathroom can also add an element of excitement to other areas of the house.


If you are ready to tackle a major renovation then the bathroom may be a good place to start.  Think about creating a spa like atmosphere for the master bathroom.  It can become a focal point and change a master bedroom & bath into an ensuite.  The average bathroom renovation yields an ROI of 62% but a little money can go a long way.  Depending on your budget, you can upgrade the counters, floors & sinks or start from scratch and change it all.

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